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Waxing Dreams Over the Horizon

I walk alone
When I’d rather not to
Over the vast expanse of the Bridge—
The Bridge in all its glory
Swaying in all directions
With the winds of time

Here I am
This tiny traveler
Occupying spaces and places
In the Hypersphere
Where you are not

Lush, emerald-aqua shades of color
Emanate from the ripply, translucent canvas
That undulates on the water below
Transporting one’s experience
Into the realm of the sublime

I sigh when realizing that
The arrow of time points forward
Meaning that what we once had
Belongs forever in the past.
Our view of it however
Can be made present

Is this timeless world a lie? I ask...
But you don’t answer
Or do you?

Everything that you were
Is all around me
And I am not afraid

The center of the Bridge bespeaks openness
And while looking up at the tower ahead
One’s sentiments expand and radiate outward
In all directions of the sphere
And one’s emotional well is replenished

The moment passes
But it made its imprint and impression

A flock of six seagulls
Flies down the other cable
Going where human visitors
Are not allowed to go

On windy days
Birds might hug the water down below
Flying in small circles in playful ways
Despite the cold
But today they can fly every which way
And traverse love’s warmth as well

A solitary dove
Flies crosswise, through
The vertical cables
Toward the sea
As if flying through
The strings of a harp
Played by a giant
Who's gone hiding in the hills
The strings are now silent
So the sojourning whales
Out in deep water
Will pass us by today