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If these are the last words of mine
That you’ll ever read–
And perhaps the last that I’ll ever write
Since we never know what the future will bring–
Please know that you were loved

If I’m able here, yet one more time
To weave that poetic magic
That sums up your charms
Please know that it wasn’t all for naught

Stale love or unwanted love
Is not for this earth
There was a time when I would have sought
To move mountains for you and your happiness
And I thought I did
I’m sure I did

But just as the ground beneath us
Has its natural cycles
As tectonic plate gives way to tectonic plate
And as magma runs its course
So to, against my wishes
Stream the courses of love
Not far hence we will have each
Lived half our lives apart
Growing and becoming
Until the we that we were becomes
No more

I don’t know what
Archaeologists might someday say
But all that’s left for me to say
In this brief present is
Thank you