Sequoia Everywhere -

Sequoia Everywhere, Or
The Forgotten Forest of Love’s Desire

I treasure the box
You bought me
From the national park
It came with no physical contents
But was stuffed full of joy
And love...

When I open it
I feel those special objects of the soul
Though I can’t see them all
In one frame of consciousness

I remember that day vividly
As if it were tomorrow
And we were preparing in the evening
To take another pleasurable drive
Into the mountains

I remember how you delight so
In seeing the little things and creatures–
The upright squirrels nibbling on their valued foodstuffs
The raccoon scampering along on the side of the road

We could all learn a thing or two
From the raccoon and the little ones
It’s much more fun to scamper
Than to yawn

The big frozen giants
Of our ethereal past
Seemed to strangely forget about
All that really mattered–
Or did they know in the first place?

Perhaps we came from a secret cove
In the forest
And lost our way
We might have been woodland creatures, too
And somehow shifted into
What became more permanent forms
When we and they weren’t paying attention

Remember you thought I was a mouse
And perhaps indeed I was
Once upon a midnight bleary

Come on!

Meatloaf and pizza
And oh so many more similar things
That we once had
But now we’ve forgotten what they taste and look like
And yet it’s not too late to go back, I think

You can see I’m pulling hard on your heartstrings
And I don’t regret it at all
It’s exactly what I intend to do
And you’re still reading these lines
Aren’t you?

Maybe that’s why you gave me the box
So long ago
So that I could write these lines
And wrap them with joy and good hope...

As I write these words
The Sun has reappeared from behind the clouds
And a little one has scampered under my feet
To the other side

Can you hear the wild chirping sounds
Of our little piece of love’s forest?
It’s calling out to you this day
And it will always be there
Waiting for your return
And our reunion

If you listen closely
You can remember the language of our lost love
It will come to you if you try
And even if you never see me again
You’ll know that I’m there in the forest
And that you can always be with me
In that way
In the little paradise of trees and shrubs
And grass and leaves

Just look for the puffy clouds in the sky
With the sun rays radiating from behind
In staggered stripes of whimsy