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On Believing in Life

Lying on the throw rug on the floor
In Mom and Dad’s bedroom
Finishing my first real “chapter book”
On a day for sleeping in

Sunlight drifts through the quiet window
The white curtain billowing, then resting

After great effort
I make it to the end of the book
About Indians and pilgrims
Quoting William Bradford
And another chapter of my life
Draws to a close

“Spring forward, fall back”
I couldn’t have fallen back much further
And didn’t know where to spring from here
But that’s me talking now in retrospect
In “present-spect” it was something else

Soon John would come
Driving up in his new blue car
Taking on Dad as a roofing partner
Then I cried for two hours one day
Knowing that he tried
But couldn’t beat that train
He wasn't wearing his glasses
And there was no other way to go
Other than forward

He had given us a large pastel artwork
Made by his mom
That was placed above the buffet
And so solace hung on the wall
As his mother saw it
A small house in a meadow
Near a lake
Set against a deep blue mountain
That reached the sky

In the evening the adults went on their way
Leaving us kids to our own lives
Including Guy and Lori
Who rounded out our kids’ society
Those were moments worth living for
Back when we believed in both life, and myths thereof