In the Valley of the Glacier -

In the Valley of the Glacier

In the Valley of the Glacier
Time moves almost imperceptibly slow
And we share our thoughts back and forth
Before the rocks and trees can even notice that we are here.

In a single “day” of glacier time
The giant sequoia sprouts, shoots upward, then
weakens and falls to the ground

Expanding our scope outward
The glacier’s “day” constitutes but a moment
From the perspective of our Milky Mother
Whose caring arm sweeps the heavens
In preparation for our brief visit

And so all of time is inter-meshed
The large scale and the small scale being
A unity

And we wonder whether the emotions within ourselves
Are likewise inter-meshed.
We long to reach out and touch
The fabric of our souls
Yet must remain content
To watch the emotions zip by,
Never quite having enough time to
Grab onto them during the moment of their existence

— But this could change.