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Driving Home From Yosemite in the Dark

It’s been so long ago now, Sweet One–
The Time That Land Forgot...

Sitting in my car
Near Bridalveil Fall
I can’t help but think about
The Time we spent together

The Sun sets early
In Yosemite Valley
Bringing on a soft, muted daylight
That beckons one fond farewell

One mustn’t overstay one’s welcome
And there are things outside to do
But while we’re here
We can taste that
Little bit of paradise
That slips through our fingers so easily
In the humdrum day-by-day

I offer my hand
And you take it–
Your hand, so welcome to the touch–
If I had known our time was
Winding down then
I would have tried ten times as hard
To soak up the good feelings
That day

A flock of twenty deer
Spoke to our hearts
–The deer seeing us
As a mirage,
Their eyes glowing,
Saying, “We exist. We are here.”
“We don’t mind if you drive by.”

I chastise myself now
For remembering the little things–
My new green wallet
Your blue mini-sized flashlight–
When there’s so much more
I wish I had remembered

I miss also all the non-essential things
All the tangential tidbits that bring
Momentary takes and double-takes–
Those all run off at right angles
To the whirring centrifugal power
Of desire and longing
If you have it, you forget how much you wanted it before
And in that momentary lapse the whole structure can slip away
And one turns one’s head quickly in a panic
Trying to reach and grab ahold of that last remaining
Tenuous gossamer thread of love’s attachment
Tearing it in two, to be joined again nevermore

I wish you’d tell me what to do
So that we could start afresh
But if we do, then it will be “thus and so”
And not what it once was “there and then”...

How I dread living in this dank, dark tunnel
Of love’s absence–
My intentions in driving slightly forward that time
Were to back in, to afford a better outlook
On the entire panorama,
But you misunderstood
And left me looking in the mirror,
Seeing no one but strangers