Again Someday -

Again Someday

The present moment neither beckons nor pushes away
But simply is
Is this the secret of the Garden of Eden of our youth?
As soon as we learned that there was a “there” out there in the future,
We slowly let go of the present
Which we didn’t need to do
And shouldn’t have

Now I’m back here in the present
But without you
From here I can see the entirety of the trail
That we rode on our bikes together
Down the dirt path
Around the cozy-looking marina
Then back on the path
As it gently bends, following the water
Past the bureaucratic cottages, and
Heading towards the quaint café

There are tiny birds darting under bushes
(Your favorite, reminding me of you)
And hidden ones singing joyful songs
With crashing waves drowning out the faint hush
Of the distant memory of biplanes leaving,
Headed to points unknown

On some days it was windy
But still warm
And we rode with the wind on our backs
Briefly clasping hands, and
Exchanging knowing side glances

There we were in that previous place
Where East meets West
And North meets South
In the center of our world for a time
Where I learned from you
To enjoy life’s little moments of contentment

Now wandering back to the present
I think of you thinking of me
And wonder when we might meet there again

The café is still here
Hosting bikers from afar
Though seldom air travelers these days
Maybe once every ten years or so

We were here
Parking our bikes and walking in time
Leaving rustled air behind us –
Invisible “contrails,” in a way

Looking up over the Bridge
We dreamed of the large prop-planes of yesteryear
And adventure on high,
Amongst the clouds

Perhaps the seagull that I see now
Standing quietly on the stone fence
Was one that looked upon us both back then
Does he remember us holding hands and smiling
While eating ice cream bars and sitting by the sea? –
A young and youngish couple in love

The café will soon close
But the setting sun is hanging long above the water
And seems to move no more
If you perchance remember to meet me here
Again someday